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We’re Scrapping Premium Extra!

We’re Scrapping Premium Extra!

By on Apr 17, 2017

We’ve recently done a survey to find out how our customers feel about Classroom Secrets and one thing that’s come through very strongly is unhappiness about the new pricing structure. Listening to our customers and providing a good service is really important to me. One of the reasons why we differentiate as many ways as we possibly can is because we really care about the workload of teachers – I have been there! We have already been making improvements to the navigation (another big issue brought to us by the survey) and there are more improvements to the website and our existing resources in the pipeline.

I’d like you to know our reasons for introducing Premium Extra. It was not something I ever wanted to do at Classroom Secrets, but I came around to the idea in September last year as we had many customers saying that we needed to put more resources on each week. With the income and staff we had at the time (only one full-timer and a few part-timers) I felt this was the only way to grow and provide what our teachers needed and wanted. Despite appearances, we are not very well known and do not have a large number of subscribers. We do endeavour to be very professional at all times and perhaps this makes us seem like a big business. This was certainly not about greed but about employing more staff to up the level of resources we provide to you each week. I thought that teachers would be upset if I upped the Premium price again to make ends meet so I thought a choice would be a better option. Clearly I was wrong and I deeply regret it as I never intended to upset our customers.

Unfortunately, Classroom Secrets was very cheap for a long time as it was more of a hobby to me, but now I employ staff as two guided reading packs a week were not cutting it. This does mean that we can't afford to provide resources as cheaply as we did before. I know that we don't have as many resources as some other sites, but in our defence, each resource can take quite a bit longer to produce in six levels.

Here’s what we are going to do:

  • Remove the Premium Extra level
  • Give all Premium Members access to Premium Extra resources (some have already been done, but you should have access to everything by the end of the day)
  • Add an extra FREE year to all those customers who have a Premium Extra subscription (thank you for upgrading – it meant so much to us). This will be rolled out to all Premium Extra customers by 31st May.
  • Keep the Premium level at £25 until 5th June. There will be one flat fee again. After this period, the flat price will increase to £30 and then to £35 in September. (We have employed new members of staff and since we launched Premium Extra, we’ve been adding double the amount of resources each week).

I hope that you are happy with the changes that we have made to reward our loyal customers and understand my reasons for price increases.



  1. Thanks for explaining all of this to us – I must admit I had no idea, from the range and quality of the resources, that you were such a small business. I will be happy to resubscribe, as I think the price is a bargain considering all the resources that are available. Also, I will be moving to a new year group in September, having been in the same year for many years, so will be needing a whole load of new resources! Good luck with the continued growth of the business, and thanks for all that you provide to help us do very challenging jobs!

    Sam Smyth

    May 7, 2017

  2. A well written clarification. Thank you for taking the time to update customers so personally.Everyone has to start somewhere, and many other sites like Twinkl have graded pricing systems, too. I wonder if they started that way, or developed this as the need for more staffing grew? At a guess, I’d say it is the latter. So your situation is completely understandable. You are a business, not a charity. As your resource bank grows and the search tool improves, making the site more user friendly, you will probably find you will have to revisit the idea of a pricing structure. You can never please everyone, but if you keep providing a good service, people will keep coming back. Thank you for the great resources! I too will spread the word.

    Edwina McDonnell

    May 1, 2017

  3. I love the easily differentiated texts and questions and they’re so useful in my lessons. I’m keen to use your resources more often, but as mentioned in the survey results, find it tricky to navigate the site. At the moment I can’t even find any way to search for resources – has this been altered recently or is it an issue with accessing the site on mobile devices?

    Jennifer Sinclair

    April 19, 2017

    • Hi Jennifer, thanks for your comments. Following feedback in the survey we have introduced a new menu, the menu includes options to search. On a mobile device the menu is to the top right of the page, clicking will expand the options. You will see an option to Browse & Search. I hope this helps.


      April 19, 2017

  4. I signed up to Premium Extra when I saw your Guided Reading resources (which are fab and well worth the increased cost!). Thank you for the information and for the great resources you provide; they are an amazing time saver!

    cathy callus

    April 18, 2017

  5. Thank you, I had upgraded as I use your resources a lot, particularly for guided reading. I shall spread the word if that’s ok.

    wendy gillings

    April 17, 2017

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