Valentine’s Day 

This post has been written by Hannah Saunders

The hearts are up, the balloons are floating and the colour red is EVERYWHERE! Yep, it’s THAT time of year again when we, the general consumer, flood the pockets of companies by purchasing cards, chocolates, flowers and the like as a way of showing our affection. Whatever your take on Valentine’s Day, I think it’s a perfect opportunity to take a few moments to acknowledge and enjoy THOSE wonderful experiences that teaching and working with young people can bring.


So, in no particular order….drumroll please!

  • Seeing the smiling faces greeting you first thing in the morning
  • The crazy things you never thought you would hear yourself saying (“Stop licking the glue stick, please”)
  • Watching the quieter children build in self-esteem and confidence over the year(s)
  • Flipping a concept on its head and watching the moment the penny drops!
  • Having those rare moments where you can indulge a child-led moment to go off a tangent
  • Random facts that the child is desperate to tell you – which are all about a random person you’ve never met and probably never will
  • Celebration assemblies and watching those beaming smiles and puffed out chests!
  • The moment where you introduce a topic/subject and it’s greeted with a cheer
  • Finding a way to stay in your PE kit all day
  • Finding a legitimate educational reason for a whole-school Pyjama Day
  • Being paid to tell little white lies to the tiddlers in order to inspire them to be anything they want to be and to do anything they want to do (“My best friend is an astronaut”)
  • Asking a billion times over the course of the year,”Does anyone need the toilet?”
  • The innocent conversations you have with children where they impart perhaps a little bit too much about what goes on at home to the embarrassment of the parents #hometimeblush

And what better note to finish on than my personal favourite… STORYTIME! I found there was nothing better than cosying up in the afternoon – either in the warmth of the classroom or under the coolness of a tree – and watching the captivated faces as I brought a story from the page to life.

We would love it if you would comment below with the moments of teaching that YOU love. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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Hannah is a Resource Creation Manager at Classroom Secrets. As well as being an experienced teacher across KS1 and KS2, she has over ten years experience in the business world too. Mum of two, owner of a fluffy dog and an even fluffier husband, Hannah enjoys being outdoors in Summer and at home in front of the fire with Netflix or a good book in Winter.