Differentiated primary resources

White Rose Style Reasoning and Problem Solving

IMPORTANT UPDATE 8/2/18: Starting this week, our White Rose style reasoning and problem solving resources will be slightly different. You’ll still get 2 reasoning and problem solving questions per pack and each question will be replicated 12 times (4 in developing, 4 in secure and 4 in mastery) but they will no longer be taken directly from the White Rose examples. We’re really excited about this move and we’ve been working extremely hard over the last few weeks to get this underway. This week (Week 7) you will see half and half (half old style - Years 1 and 5 - and half new style - Years 2, 3 and 4) with all year groups being on new style questions next week (Week 8 ). NB: Year 6 was released yesterday so we’ll do our best to work on these too (new style).

I’ve attached some links of the new style questions that are online so far for you to have a look at and I’ll be showing you inside these during my Facebook Live on Sunday.

In August 2017, we were asked by a number of our lovely teacher members if we would consider creating more question examples that would fit in with the White Rose Guidance and Examples. Specifically, they were looking for variations of the question to allow more of their class to access the reasoning and problem solving side of things. So, we took on the challenge and started creating!!! Here's our story so far...

White Rose Autumn Block 1 - Early September

We were late to the party with this and it was released quite late on in the day. However, we powered on through, taking on temporary members of staff to help. Before we started creating these resources we averaged 10-15 new resources a week. The White Rose Reasoning and Problem Solving resources add about 54 resources a week to this (collated into about 22 uploaded packs) so you can see why we needed and still need the help!

White Rose Autumn Block 2 - Late September

We decided to skip ahead to Block 2 in late September as we didn't have enough manpower to do both. We also made the decision soon after to do only half of the resources (generally every other one) to allow us to smash Block 3 whilst still providing much needed resources for your lessons.

White Rose Autumn Block 3 - Early October

We split the team in half yesterday, some of us now working on Block 3 (especially those with early starts such as Year 5) and the rest continuing on Block 2. Hopefully you'll see some Year 5 Block 3 resources online this week. We are still on the lookout for some more temporary members of staff to help us out and keep us on track.

White Rose Autumn Blocks 4 and 5 - November

We've managed to keep up with demand as we have even more resource creators helping us now.

White Rose Spring Block 1 - Late December

We started this a few weeks before Christmas with the first week being uploaded before the Christmas holidays and week 2 being uploaded the first week in January.

White Rose Spring Blocks 1, 2 and 3 - January

We spent time in January drafting in more help to get the resources out more quickly but also equip us for releasing PowerPoints and Varied Fluency (hopefully some time in term 3).

White Rose Spring Blocks 4 and 5 - February

We announced that we were moving away from replicating the questions that White Rose provide in their schemes but instead creating our own problems to work with the small steps and replicating those instead.