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Americans Have Done it (Y2m/Y3d/Y4e) Guided Reading Pack

Guided Reading Pack

This Guided Reading Pack is linked to Neil Armstrong and is in the form of a newspaper article about landing on the Moon.

National Curriculum Objectives (England)
Reading: English Y3/4: Identifying main ideas drawn from more than 1 paragraph and summarising these
SPAG: English Y2: Terminology for pupils: noun, noun phrase statement, verb tense (past, present), adverb
Other: History KS1: The lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements. Some should be used to compare aspects of life in different periods: Neil Armstrong

Curriculum for Excellence Objectives (Scotland)
Literacy and English: Reading: First: To show my understanding across different areas of learning, I can identify and consider the purpose and main ideas of a text.

Curriculum for Wales Objectives (Wales)
English: Reading: Response and Analysis: Explore, understand and express opinions about language, information and events in texts

Level of this Pack:
Old National Curriculum (England): 2a
New National Curriculum (England): Year 2 Mastery/Year 3 Developing/Year 4 Emerging
Curriculum for Excellence (Scotland): P2 Mastery/P3 Developing/P4 Emerging
Curriculum for Wales (Wales): Year 2 Mastery/Year 3 Developing/Year 4 Emerging
Book Band: White/Silver
PM Benchmark Level: 23 & 24
Reading Recovery Level: 23 & 24
Reading Age: 8 - 8 1/2

The pack includes:
Oral teacher questions with answers for guided reading sessions. Each question is linked to the New National Curriculum (England).
Follow-up work with answers.
Spelling, punctuation and grammar work related to the text with answers.
Vocabulary work related to words in the story.

Complete Pack

Americans Have Done it (Y2m/Y3d/Y4e) - Complete Pack

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