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We have certainly seen a huge improvement to the mathematical understanding which the children have in our school and Classroom Secrets has certainly played an important part in this development. I have also personally found that Classroom Secrets has greatly benefited my work-life balance, since finding high-quality resources to support lessons can be extremely time consuming. 

Alex Allen-Snell
Primary Education - Isle of Man


The choice provided for every year group, block and step is outstanding: from fluency work to discussion problems, interactive games or learning video clips. I can always find tasks to support, challenge, engage and inspire my learners. Thank you Classroom Secrets. 

Primary Teacher – Bradford


Classroom Secrets has helped reduce my and colleagues’ workloads as we no longer have to create a variety of questions and allowed us to provide a range of different questions that often make the children think before answering. Particularly the collaborative learning discussion problems.

Class Teacher – Calderdale