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We create teaching resources that aid your planning and help you deliver high learning standards. You’ll find each one of our 8,000+ resources - across EYFS to Year 6 - has the same goal: to make teaching a happy and manageable part of your life.

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A whole scheme delivered in our flexible lesson format means that however you want to teach, we’ve got you covered. 


Developed in-house, our complete scheme of work for GPS (or SPaG) operates with the same adaptability as our maths provision. 


On top of our vast collection of comprehension, whole class and small group offerings, we’re now creating brand new skills-based guided reading packs. 


Say bonjour to easy French lessons. Offering engaging resources your children can use at school or home, including video tutorials and worksheets, voilà!

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Resource highlights

Teaching PowerPoints

Updated in 2021, our engaging new slide shows feature an optional voice-over which children can use to learn independently, allowing these resources to be used for whole class teaching, interventions or home learning.

EYFS Provision

Updated in line with the new EYFS framework, our provision enhancements help to develop children’s understanding of the concepts being taught in varied and fun ways. They cover a myriad of areas, from maths and writing to tuff tray and fine motor skills, and come with everything you need to use them for independent or group learning.

Reading Skills

Created in response to a recent flurry of requests for new reading resources, our beautifully designed reading skills packs can be used in a whole host of different ways. They work for whole class, small group and independent reading, and give you the option to focus on any number of the reading content domains as your children work through the pack.


"I have found that Classroom Secrets has greatly benefited my work-life balance, since finding high-quality resources to support lessons can be extremely time consuming."

Alex Allen-Snell
Primary Education

"Classroom Secrets has helped reduce my and colleagues’ workloads as we no longer have to create a variety of questions, and allowed us to provide a range of different questions that often make the children think before answering. "

Teacher – Calderdale

"The choice provided for every year group, block and step is outstanding: from fluency work to discussion problems. I can always find tasks to support, challenge, engage and inspire my learners."

Teacher – Bradford

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Sample a range of our resources with a free subscription,
or gain full access for just £5.31 a month!