Autumn Block 2 (Addition and Subtraction)

Differentiated maths resources for Autumn Block 2 (Addition and Subtraction) in small steps for  KS2 children in Year 3.  Each small step contains a pack of resources which include a teaching PowerPoint, a varied fluency worksheet pack (in three differentiated levels) and a reasoning and problem solving worksheet pack (in 3 differentiated levels). Coverage of the Autumn Block 2 (Addition and Subtraction) small steps include add and subtract multiples of 100, 3-digit numbers and ones, add 3-digit and 1-digit numbers, subtract 1-digit from 3-digits, 3-digit number and tens, add 3-digit numbers and tens, subtract tens from 3-digits, add and subtract 100s, pattern spotting, 2-digit and 3-digit numbers, add 2-digit and 3-digit numbers, subtract a 2-digit from 3-digits, add two 3-digit numbers 1, add two 3-digit numbers 2, subtract 3-digits from 3-digits 1, subtract 3-digits from 3-digits 2, estimate answers and check answers. These AutumnBlock 2 (Addition and Subtraction) resources have designed with the relevant Year 3 curriculum objectives in mind.