Autumn Block 2 (Addition and Subtraction)

Differentiated maths resources for Autumn Block 2 (Addition and Subtraction) in small steps for mixed age KS1 children in Year 1/2. Each small step contains a pack of resources which include a teaching PowerPoint, a varied fluency worksheet pack (in three differentiated levels) and a reasoning and problem solving worksheet pack (in 3 differentiated levels). Coverage of the Autumn Block 2 (Addition and Subtraction) small steps include fact families, number bonds to 10, check calculations, compare number bonds, compare number sentences, related number facts, number bonds to 100 (tens), adding numbers together, adding and subtracting ones, adding more, adding and subtracting tens, finding a part, add 2-digit and 1-digit numbers, how many left, subtract 1-digit numbers from 2-digit numbers, subtracting (breaking apart), add 2-digit numbers, counting back, subtract with 2 digits, finding the difference, compare statements, number bonds to 100 (tens and ones) and add three 1-digit numbers. Year 1/2 mixed age resources pull content from the Year 1 and Year 2 curriculum objectives.