Spring Block 3 (Algebra and Ratio)

Differentiated maths resources for Spring Block 3 (Algebra and Ratio) in small steps for mixed age KS2 children in Year 5/6.  Each small step contains a pack of resources which include a teaching PowerPoint, a varied fluency worksheet pack (in three differentiated levels) and a reasoning and problem solving worksheet pack (in 3 differentiated levels). Coverage of the Spring Block 3 (Algebra and Ratio) small steps include prime numbers, square numbers, cubed numbers, find a rule – one step, find a rule – two step, use an algebraic rule, substitution, formulae, word problems, one step equations, two step equations, find pairs of values, enumerate possibilities, using ratio language, ratio and fractions, introducing the ratio symbol, calculating ratio, using scale factors and calculating scale factors. Year 5/6 Mixed age resources pull content from the Year 5 and Year 6 curriculum objectives.