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Free Kilometres Year 4 Length and Perimeter Learning Video Clip


Step 1: Free Kilometres Year 4 Length and Perimeter Learning Video Clip

Belinda is ordering materials for the building site. She has to work out distances of the locations of her workforce and the materials she needs to order. She needs to use her knowledge of kilometres to help her.

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Discussion points for teachers

1. Which factories could she order the materials from?
Discuss converting 10,000m to kilometres and work out how many days each supplier would take to deliver. Discuss how many days there are from Saturday to Wednesday. 
Windows and Doors  = 2 days, Building Aggregates  = 1 day

2. Belinda needs  1/2  km of wiring altogether. How much more does she need to order from a different supplier?
Discuss what length of wiring       km is in metres and work out the difference needed to order from elsewhere. 

3. Wiring comes in rolls of 25m, 50m or 100m. Which combinations of different sized rolls could she order?
Discuss how many of just one size roll (25m, 50m or 100m) would be needed to equal the required length. Discuss different ways of combining these. Discuss which is likely to be the cheapest way to buy this quantity. 
6 rolls of 25m, 3 rolls of 50m; 1 roll of 100m + 1 roll of 50m; 1 roll of 100m and 2 rolls of 25m, 4 rolls of 25m and 1 roll of 50m.

4. Help her complete the rota using different combinations of shifts.
Discuss which combinations of morning and afternoon shifts the workforce can do based on their journey times.
Various answers, where Bob and Trevor have either Monday am or Friday pm free, and the other workers have one session free on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. For example: 

5. Who has travelled the furthest this week?
Discuss adding up the different values of km distances and compare the values. 
Bob travelled the furthest distance (42km)

6. Do you agree with Belinda’s calculations?
Compare the distances covered by Samantha and Michael and calculate if Michael’s distance is half of the value of Samantha’s. 
No. He travelled more than half but still less than Samantha’s distance. 

7. Convert Bob’s total distance covered on Thursday into metres.
Discuss how many metres are in 1 kilometre and then convert.

8. How far could Hayley have travelled?
Discuss finding the total of Samantha’s distance and Michael’s distance. Then find a distance that falls within that range. Discuss whether this figure should be presented in metres or kilometres? This question is open-ended for the children to explore.
Various answers, for example 34km or 34,000m 

National Curriculum Objectives

Mathematics Year 4: (4M5) Convert between different units of measure (for example, kilometre to metre; hour to minute)

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