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Maths Teacher Classroom Secrets

Everything you need to get your class up to speed

We are currently creating ‘lessons’ which cover prior learning from previous year groups as well as the learning for that particular objective.

These lessons have been created in line with the current DfE recovery curriculum guidance and will begin to be uploaded to our Classroom Secrets website this week. There will be a new tab on our menu called ‘Maths Recovery’ and you can access the lessons from there. Our ‘Maths’ tab will remain unchanged so you can access everything as normal from there if you prefer.

Check out this video to get a taste of what's available with Maths Recovery and learn how to assign activities.

Letting you teach in the way that suits you and your class

Lessons are broken down into sections, and allow you to make best use of Classroom Secrets and Classroom Secrets KIDS.
On the new ‘Maths Recovery’ tab, you will find lessons for each year group, with suggested worksheets from Classroom Secrets and activities and video tutorials from Classroom Secrets Kids (separate subscriptions). The lessons are broken down into four sections: prior learning, teaching, activities and extensions. In each section, there is suggested content from both our websites (clearly defined which website it is from in case you don’t have a subscription to both).
Prior Learning

This section includes a worksheet (Classroom Secrets) and interactive activities (Classroom Secrets Kids) which ensures coverage of the conceptual prerequisites identified by the DfE.

This includes our brand new interactive teaching slides which have audio support. These slides are available on both Classroom Secrets and Classroom Secrets Kids so that you can use them for teaching in the classroom, or for children to access the learning remotely in case of local lockdowns or self-isolation. On the Classroom Secrets Kids side, there may also be a video tutorial to support remote learning. Both the slides and the video tutorial are also great for use as interventions within school.
The activities section includes a further worksheet (Classroom Secrets) and interactive activities (Classroom Secrets Kids)
This section includes two different challenges; one worksheet (Classroom Secrets) and one interactive (Classroom Secrets Kids).
All the teaching slides and activities in our new lessons are adaptable to suit multiple purposes and can be used as single lessons or as resources spread over more than one lesson depending on the needs of your class. Because they are aligned to the DfE's guidance and are so adaptable, all our lessons can be used in harmony with any schemes that also follow DfE guidance.  
As there is so much content, you may find that each individual lesson will span more than one maths session in a week. We recommend that if your pupils need further practice of the prior learning, you access the resources for that objective which can be found under our normal ‘Maths’ menu tab.
Maths recovery Example

Allowing you to stay ahead of the game

We aim to make sure lessons are ready for you in advance, giving you plenty of time to prepare.

We are aiming to get the first two lessons out for each year group by Monday 7th September, we will then be adding to this daily. We are working hard to stay ahead of your teaching sequence but there may be times when you are looking for a lesson and it is not yet online. We will endeavour to stay ahead but please do bear with us.

The lessons we currently have online are here. If you would like to see our CEO Claire explaining our new lessons, you can watch the video here.

If you haven't sorted your subscriptions out yet, you can find out more for Classroom Secrets here and Classroom Secrets Kids here.