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We have planned out and created a series of lessons in line with the current DfE maths curriculum guidance so that you can cater for children’s individual needs with as much support from us as possible. Our ‘Maths’ tab will remain unchanged so that you can access everything from there as normal if you’d prefer.

Letting you teach in the way that suits you and your class

Lessons are broken down into distinct sections to allow you to quickly find and make the best use of the resources we offer across Classroom Secrets and Classroom Secrets Kids.

On the ‘Maths Recovery’ tab you will find lessons for each year-group along with printable activities from Classroom Secrets and interactive resources and video tutorials from Classroom Secrets Kids (separate subscriptions). The activities are organised into four sections: prior learning, teaching, activities and extensions. In each section there is suggested content from both our websites and this is clearly labelled in case you don’t have a subscription to both.

You don’t have to use the resources in every section. You can organise your teaching and mix and match the resources in whatever way you wish so it works in the best way for you.

Prior Learning

For each maths recovery lesson, the objectives have been mapped against the previously taught objectives that link to each concept or skill. This may be in the current year group or previous year group depending on the skill or concept being taught.

The prior learning section includes an activity sheet (Classroom Secrets) and interactive activities (Classroom Secrets Kids). These activities contain questions designed to help you check understanding of the prerequisite knowledge for each new lesson and ensure coverage of the conceptual prerequisites identified by the DfE.


The teaching section includes our interactive lesson slides (which include audio support) and are available on both Classroom Secrets and Classroom Secrets Kids. The lesson slides have been created to help support teaching of the key objectives in each step and are designed to introduce and model new concepts or skills before prompting questions that can be used to check understanding. Each lesson slide resource concludes with deeper, more involved questions which prompt learners to apply what they have covered to solve problems or explain their understanding in more depth.

On Classroom Secrets Kids, there might also be a video tutorial resource to support remote learning.

Both the lesson slides and the video tutorial resources can be used for teaching in the classroom, to support interventions, or for children to access remotely on their own.


The main activities section includes a further activity sheet (Classroom Secrets) and interactive activities (Classroom Secrets Kids).

These activities contain questions that cover varied fluency, reasoning and problem solving. The varied fluency questions in the main activity resources are designed to check that learners have a sound understanding of the concepts and skills. These are followed by reasoning and problem solving questions which allow learners to apply what they have learnt and to prompt explanations for how solutions were found.


This section includes two different challenges: one activity sheet (Classroom Secrets) and one interactive resource (Classroom Secrets Kids).

Our extension activities have been created for those children who are ready to extend their learning and the challenges require a deeper understanding of the main skills. These resources can be used individually or to form the basis of a discussion with a small group of children.

All the teaching slides and activities in our lessons are adaptable to suit multiple purposes and can be used as single lessons or as resources spread over more than one lesson depending on the needs of your class. Because they are aligned to the DfE's guidance and are so adaptable, all our lessons can be used in harmony with any schemes that also follow DfE guidance.

As there is so much content, you may find that each individual lesson could span more than one teaching session in a week. We recommend that if your pupils need further practice with the concepts or skills involved in the prior learning section, you can access the resources for that objective from our normal ’Maths’ menu tab.

If you haven’t sorted out your subscriptions yet, you can find out more for Classroom Secrets and Classroom Secrets Kids.

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