New Maths Scheme

Do you ever feel that you don’t have enough time to get through all of the maths steps in the time allocated?

Do you wish you had more flexibility in how you deliver each lesson depending on the needs of your class?

Does your class need more opportunity to practice fluency?

We have listened to our customers and are developing a new maths scheme which answers some of the frustrations we know many teachers have. The new scheme is based on maths mastery and has been developed with our team who have xx teaching hours between them. We have also worked looked at extensive research and worked with our CS Insider programme who have given feedback about the sequence of learning and the resources supporting each lesson. Here are just some of the benefits of our scheme:

• Longer block time given where appropriate to consolidate and deepen learning of key concepts
• Progression shown throughout the year and through year groups
• Scheme available for EYFS through to Year 6
• More fluency opportunities included both within and outside of the lessons
• Range of resource activities for the lessons so teachers are not simply following a script but can pick and choose what works for their class.

We are continuing to work hard behind the scenes and are excited to share this with all our customers ready for September 2024.

If you are considering a change in maths scheme and would like us to talk through the rationale behind the scheme, the learning sequence and see some resource examples then please get in touch.