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Spring Year 5 GPS Assessment

Spring Year 5 GPS Assessment

Spring Year 5 GPS Assessment Resource Pack

This Spring Year 5 GPS Assessment Resource Pack has been created to assess pupil knowledge of all the blocks and small steps covered so far in the Spring term. The pack includes an SATs style assessment with 17 questions linked to all of the small steps in Spring; a mark scheme with content domain coverage, small step coverage with suggested levels and a teacher assessment spreadsheet to identify pupils working at Year 5 Emerging, Year 5 Developing, Year 5 Expected or Year 5 Greater Depth. These levels are currently provided as a guideline only.


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What's included in the pack?

This pack includes:

  • Spring Year 5 Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Assessment with questions linked to each small step from all Year 5 Spring Blocks
  • Spring Year 5 Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Mark Scheme outlining small steps and content domain coverage for each question and suggested levels
  • Spring Year 5 Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Teacher Assessment Sheet to help identify each child's level using scores collected

Year 5 National Curriculum Objectives:

Spring Block 1 Parenthesis

Small Steps

1.Recognising Parenthesis – different locations within a sentence

2.Using Brackets to Indicate Parenthesis

3.Using Dashes to Indicate Parenthesis – singular dash to add on an afterthought

4.Using Commas to Indicate Parenthesis

Spring Block 2 Expanded Noun Phrases

Small Steps

1.Recognising Noun Phrases

2.Creating Concise Noun Phrases – long noun phrases given where they have to change it to a concise noun phrase

3.Write Concise Noun Phrases – refer to an ellipsis where superfluous information is omitted such as ‘the curly-haired girl’ rather than ‘the girl with the curly hair’ – this is from the glossary and is not a noun phrase so don’t use this one as an example.

4.Using Noun Phrases – a variety of all types learnt from Y2 and Y4

Spring Block 3 Tenses

Small Steps

1.Past or Present? – recapping simple and progressive tenses for past and present

2.Present Perfect Form – recapping this present perfect form from Y3

3.Recognising Past Perfect Form

4.Using the Past Perfect Form

5.Recognising the Future Perfect Form

6.Using the Future Perfect Form

7.Recognising the Perfect Form in Sentences – all three tenses

8.Using the Perfect Form in Sentences– all three tenses

9.Which tense? – all three tenses, all three forms


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