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Which Way to Vote? (Y4m/Y5s/Y6e) Guided Reading Pack

Guided Reading Pack

This Guided Reading Pack is linked to the EU referendum in the form of two letters; one from a member of the 'Britain Stronger in the EU' campaign party and one from a member of the 'Vote Leave' campaign party.

National Curriculum Objectives (England)
Reading: English Y5/6: Identifying and discussing themes and conventions in and across a wide range of writing
Discuss and evaluate the authors’ use of language, including figurative language, including the impact on the reader and how meaning is enhanced through the author’s choice of words and phrases
SPAG: English Y5/6: Use of the passive to affect the presentation of information in a sentence [for example, I broke the window in the greenhouse versus The window in the greenhouse was broken (by me)]

Interim Teacher Assessment 2017 (England): KS2: Evaluate how authors use language, including figurative language, considering the impact on the reader

Curriculum for Wales Objectives (Wales)
English: Reading: Reading Strategies Y5/6: Recognise and understand the characteristics of a range of different texts (continuous and non-continuous) in terms of language, theme, structure and presentation
Identify features of specific texts

Level of this Pack:
Old National Curriculum (England): 4b
New National Curriculum (England): Year 4 Mastery/Year 5 Secure/Year 6 Emerging
Curriculum for Wales (Wales): Year 4 Mastery/Year 5 Secure/Year 6 Emerging
Book Band: Black
PM Benchmark Level: Free Reading
Reading Recovery Level: Free Reading
Reading Age: 11+

The pack includes:
Oral teacher questions with answers for guided reading sessions. Each question is linked to the New National Curriculum (England) Reading Expectations and the Curriculum for Wales Reading Expectations.
Follow-up work with answers.
Spelling, punctuation and grammar work related to the text with answers.
Vocabulary work related to words in the story.

Complete Pack

Which Way to Vote? (Y4m/Y5s/Y6e) - Complete Pack

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