70 resources online this week! SEVENTY!!!!

This post has been written by Claire Riley

This week we've put 70 resources online!!!!!! We were getting behind so we've had a massive push on production and as a result, the proofreading team have have done overtime this week. Unfortunately, this meant that there were more resources to upload than was physically possible for Emily on her own so the three of us (Emily, Ed and me) were at it until 2am. It's now 6:24am and I am awake again as I booked a supermarket delivery for 6:30am (clever person that I am and to be fair the baby woke me, not my alarm) so I have the feeling that my email may be less than coherent today.

Honestly though, massive shout out to Emily, Sian, Lee, Victoria, Hannah, Jan, Kyle and Ed for going above and beyond this week. So sorry if I forgot someone (see coherent sentence above).

This week coming we'll do the same as we're wanting to push ahead to be ready for Spring before we all break up for Christmas. It's the one time of year we close the office and everyone has a break.

Speaking of Christmas, have you done any festive shopping yet? Do you work in a school where you are given a day off for this?

As today is Remembrance Day, here are some activities that you can use in your lessons this week.

In other news, Josh has been working hard with Ed, improving site performance and next on the list are layout changes in line with suggestions that we've had from customers so watch this space! It's coming soon!

So I hope that these resources are useful and that we're saving you lots of time as that really is our goal as a company - to provide you with a LIFE/work balance as goodness knows you work hard enough week in, week out as it is! You're on the front line supporting tomorrow's future and if we're doing our jobs correctly, we're the ones supporting you through what can seem like an impossible mission. (Anyone else reading this getting the feeling that being tired makes me soppy?)

Have a great week!

Love Claire and the team at Classroom Secrets.