A company update on the exciting things happening at Classroom Secrets….

This post has been written by Claire Riley

My children must have learned about the 'weekend' concept as they slept in until 8am! Still feel like I'm owed 100 hours sleep though. It's like the morning you get up to go to school after a holiday (with let's face it, little or no sleep anyway) and you think, "Oh no! I should have spent more time sleeping - it's 8 WEEKS until I can catch up again!"

It's an exciting week ahead of us at Classroom Secrets. Hannah, Lyndsey, Ashleigh, Lee and Lindsay have joined the management team, so congratulations to all of you guys. We're looking forward to seeing the impact they're going to make for you, our customers.

We also have two new starters joining us tomorrow. Anna is joining the proofreading team from our recruitment day back in September and Stephen is coming on board as Customer Service Manager to help us improve our customer service even more - to the point where it's world class!

The team have seriously pulled together again this week to get 60 resources online for you. Only having Emily in the upload team has been pretty difficult with the number of resources we wanted to bring you, so many of us have been helping out to get the resources online. Marj, we love you and hope you had a nice holiday, but boy, we can't wait until you're back on Tuesday!!!

Now we have a larger proofreading team, the last few weeks before Christmas will be spent working on the Spring Blocks to get ahead of you. We're aiming for 2 weeks ahead in the first instance and then we'll look at where we can improve on that.

Did you spend a fortune on Friday? I'll be honest, I didn't look but I have put a few bits in my online basket today. We have two girls, 2.5 years and 5 months. I'm struggling to think of anything to get for our 5 month old and people are asking so I need to give them ideas. I definitely don't want it to be clothes as she has all of her cousin's clothes, all of her sister's clothes and a friend also donated this time around, and of course she has her own too (wardrobe 3 times the size of mine) so toys would be good. Can you help me out with ideas? Someone out there must have been in the same situation! Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

I'll leave you to your Sunday. If it's at all possible, don't spend too much time preparing for the week ahead - you deserve this time. (I also get how annoying it is when people say, "Just don't do it," like it's going to magically disappear upon your decision to sack it off.)

Love Claire and the team at Classroom Secrets.