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Welcome to Classroom Secrets!

Here at Classroom Secrets we know all about that dreadful word… differentiation!  Most of the time it’s so difficult to find suitable resources for all of your groups that are actually about the same thing!  Not anymore!

  • Differentiation – Perhaps your lower group just can’t double and halve at the same time – shame the text books don’t realise that.  We have levels for our skills so you don’t need to teach three different lessons at the same time.
  • Choice - On our site you’ll find resources that give you the choice – for a lot of the skills we have card games AND worksheets.
  • Colour Coded – Beginner, Easy, Tricky, Expert, Brainbox and Genius.
  • Easy Slicing – Our cards are placed together so easy cutting.
  • No Faff – It’s not about the pretty pictures, it’s about the material being worthwhile.

Our resources are ideal for:

  • Starters
  • Plenaries
  • Private Tutors
  • Parents
  • Main Lesson Activities
  • Homework Activities
  • Wet Playtimes
  • Intervention Groups
  • Revision
  • Morning Work
  • Booster Sessions
  • SATs
  • School Holidays

For Teachers

  • Inject a little bit of excitement into your lessons without losing your weekend!
  • For a small yearly subscription, you can have access to quality resources with a substantial focus on problem solving.

For Parents

  • Want to see your child progress and retain core skills?
  • Using Classroom Secrets resources for a few minutes every day can make a huge difference.  A little perseverance in the school holidays can prevent children from falling back a whole level.
  • Our problem solving cards are ideal for extra 11+ preparation, you can start practising different types of questions from year 3.
  • Our cards focus on one type of question per set, often in the 11+ books there is only one question per question type. Our aim is to ensure that children become familiar and confident with each question type.

How Much Does it Cost?

  • £49.50 subscription per year is all it costs to give you access to our extensive resource bank that continues to grow, month by month.


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