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Autumn Year 2 Baseline Maths Assessment

Year 2 Baseline Maths Assessment

Year 2 Baseline Maths Assessment

This Baseline Maths Assessment Year 2 resource helps identify gaps in prior learning by assessing against each of the Year 1 National Curriculum Mathematics objectives. The questions have been grouped by strands, such as Number and Place Value, so the assessment can be broken down into smaller parts for use as and when they are needed.


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What's included in the pack?

This pack includes:

  • Baseline Maths Assessments for Year 2.
  • Tracking spreadsheet to help identify gaps in knowledge.  Answers included.


Year 1 National Curriculum Objectives:

Number – number and place value

Number – addition and subtraction

Number – multiplication and division

Number – fractions


* (1M2) Measure and begin to record lengths and heights

* (1M2) Measure and begin to record mass/weight

* (1M2) Measure and begin to record capacity and volume(measure and begin to record time (hours, minutes, seconds)

Geometry – properties of shapes

Geometry – position and direction

*these objectives are practical so are not included in this assessment


This resource is available to download with a Premium subscription.