Back to School Suggestions

This post has been written by Claire Riley

It's going home time today and we've to pack around 2 small children (and believe me, they come with SOOOO much stuff) and clean the caravan from top to bottom (it's a family member's holiday home). Planning on setting off this morning (we live 2 hours away) but hoping to actually make it home by midnight! Wish us luck!

You'll notice that the uploads have increased this week, now that everyone else is back from holiday. We've had quite a few people contact us about when resources will be going online or which resources have been updated. We'll be tweeting every time we update an existing or upload a new resource so it's worth following us to stay up-to-date.

This coming week we're making a start on updating Block 2 (you'll know if it's the updated version if you can see the PowerPoint in the image) and finishing off the remainder of Block 1. It's so exciting for us to have increased production so much over the past year and we're always thrilled by the feedback we get. We're still expanding as we have more plans to make your resourcing and planning easier with well-thought out, meaty resources that make a real difference in your classroom. Do we have any upcoming roles that appeal to you?

I'm sure over the next week your mind might be thinking about the new school year and when it does - we are ready for you! We have whole class guided reading on a back to school theme, a back to school timetable with suggested resources for the entire week and baseline assessments for GPS and Maths.

I'm hoping to do a live today but it totally depends on what time we get back home. If I don't do one today, I'll do it one evening this week and show you inside the back to school stuff we have.

Have a great week!

Love Claire and the team at Classroom Secrets.