Ever wondered what our mission statement is?

This post has been written by Claire Riley

I've spent most of my week creating induction videos for tomorrow. In fact, I've made two and a half HOURS worth! ????‍♀️ Claire and Fay are joining the production team in the morning and we've gone all out to improve the induction process this time around!

On a side note, did you know that we have a really focused mission here at Classroom Secrets?

Mission: To help our customers achieve a LIFE/work balance by providing outstanding differentiated resources and excellent customer support.

We take it so seriously that everything we do is aligned with our mission: the way we create resources, the feedback we seek and the changes we make. We'd love to know if we're achieving that mission! Can you feed back to us? Also, if you know anyone who may benefit from a premium account with us, please tell them! It will save them soooo much time - it's our mission!

Anyway, back to business! Things have been ticking along nicely for us here at Classroom Secrets and we're managing to stay on top of our Maths and GPS resources. We're starting to work on some new projects that we'll be bringing to you soon.

We're looking to hear from anyone who has been using our GPS scheme in lessons. We'd like to ask you some questions about how you use it and how useful it is to you so that we can improve it. If this is something that you'd like to get involved with, please reply and I'll put you in touch with Lauren and the team looking after the GPS feedback. If you've been following us for any length of time you'll know that responding quickly to your suggestions is what we do!

I'm hoping to do a Facebook Live this week (software permitting) to show you our SATs practice resources and the new features we've put into the menu to help you find the questions that you need - so watch out for that!

I can't believe it's still only January! I've packed so much into this year so far I feel like it should be June already and it's not like I feel that the days have been going slow.

Are you back in the swing of things? Getting focused on smashing it? Or just counting down the days until half term?

Love Claire and the team at Classroom Secrets.