I’m behind you as you set out for the last leg of this year!

This post has been written by Claire Riley

I‘m writing to you from my sun lounger in Lanzarote. This is this last year we can make the most of holidaying outside of term time.

However, as much as I need this rest, I also want you to know that I’m behind you as you set out for the last leg of this year. It’s really important to me that I send this email out to you myself, each and every week (even if I'm on holiday).

Me and the team are always thinking and talking about what will help you the most. We’re always asking ourselves what will save you time, help you get better results from your children and help you achieve a better LIFE/work balance. On that, you may have seen our recent social media activity about something   that’s coming very soon. I thought I’d pop on a little clue to what is, in case you haven’t guessed yet!

On Friday we said goodbye to Ashleigh, who is off on a new adventure to Switzerland but we’re hoping we’ll be staying in touch. Ashleigh has been with us for over two years, and while that may not seem like a long time, she was the 4th longest serving member of staff.

Well, I’ll let you get back to making the most of the holidays before tomorrow and I’ll get back to sunning. I’ll catch you next week with my Sunday email.

Love Claire and the team at Classroom Secrets.