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KS2 Arithmetic Dividing by 1 Test Practice

Dividing by 1 Resources

KS2 Dividing by 1 Test Practice Questions

These KS2 Arithmetic Dividing by 1 questions have been taken from the Sample KS2 Arithmetic test, the 2018 KS2 Arithmetic test and the 2016 KS2 Arithmetic test to help your children practice specific question types.

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What's included in the pack?

This pack includes:

  • three differentiated levels of Dividing by 1 KS2 test practice questions with 4 worksheets for each level.


Beginner Dividing 1-digit and 2-digit numbers by 1. Aimed at Year 4 Emerging.

Easy Dividing 1-digit, 2-digit and 3-digit numbers by 1 and itself. Aimed at year 4 Expected.

National Curriculum Objectives

Mathematics Year 4: (4C6b) Use place value, known and derived facts to multiply and divide mentally, including: multiplying by 0 and 1; dividing by 1; multiplying together three numbers

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