New Website

During the summer term we will be launching our brand new website. We know that at times our current website isn’t the easiest to navigate and because of this our team have been focused on making sure our new website is more efficient and easier to use.

In order to prepare for this, we will be asking you to create an answer a security question. Keep an eye out for this in May.
As we prepare to move across to our new website this is a great time to check that all of your details are correct and that you know your email and password. Please contact our customer engagement team if you need support with this.

For our school admin colleagues you will find that the updated system will be easier for you to use. The process of managing staff accounts—whether adding new members, removing past ones, or updating existing details—will be simplified, ensuring that access rights are always current and reflective of your team's structure.

Teachers will have a personalised dashboard which will allow you to adapt to your preferences which will save you time when searching for your resources. The new search functionality will allow you to find relevant resources more easily and see the type of resource before you download. If you would like us to take you through a tour of the new website on our staging site then please get in touch here.