The email is out early this morning… been up hours. Yawn!

This post has been written by Claire Riley

Despite having a 2 year old, this is our first experience of a young baby with a cold... sleeping through is no longer a thing and double vomit all over our duvet is. Bleurgh.

Are you lucky enough to have arrived at half term yet? Some schools in Halifax have finished and some still have a week to go. Because a lot of people are on half term, I'll be doing my Facebook live from the office on Tuesday morning to show you all around as we've been in there for nearly six months now and you still haven't seen it.

Yesterday, Ed, Jill and Louisa held an assessment day for some new customer service colleagues to help us keep up with all of your queries. They had a great day and there'll be more news on the new starters coming soon.

You'll see below that the number of resources we are managing to turn around each week has picked up. We're so excited to be able to offer you so many resources each week now that we have a bigger team. Sian and I were reminiscing the other day that it was only 2 years ago when the average number of resources uploaded each week was five and we often didn't manage that!

We love half term here at Classroom Secrets - and not because we get any time off - it's just a chance to catch our breath and get in front! We'll be steaming ahead at full speed this coming week to give you more of what you love, earlier. How will you be spending yours?

Love Claire and the team at Classroom Secrets.