Are you back in the swing of things and googling summer holidays?

This post has been written by Claire Riley

It's January and I'm thinking about the year ahead! I've been doing a live on my Facebook page almost every day and now I'm thinking ahead to holidays this year. Are you the same? I always thought that I'm not a person who would fit into the stereotype, but here I am, looking at holidays in January. It's a tricky one - we didn't go abroad last year as I really didn't fancy it when pregnant and this year is our last year of 'go whenever you like' so I really want to get the temperature, price, length of stay and crowds right... for this one year! Wish me luck!

Are you going anywhere nice?

On to more important things, we're chugging away at getting our planned resources online this week. Jordan is joining the upload team officially and learning to upload resources so everyone's excited about that. We'll also be preparing for some new starters the week after. Every time we recruit we amend the induction process and we've made a lot of changes this time to make it as amazing as possible! Busy week for me filming my induction video.

We're also looking for some new colleagues in sales, resource creation, proofreading and customer service.

We selected a winner of our survey hamper this week and Ed dropped the prize off on Friday to Victoria Holland at Hippings Methodist Primary School in Oswaldtwistle. Congratulations!

You may have noticed that we've laid out the resources to help with SATs questions differently on the menu. Would it be helpful if I did a Facebook Live about how you can now easily find the questions that you're looking for?

Love Claire and the team at Classroom Secrets.