An update on the business…

This post has been written by Claire Riley

I'm here in the office super early this morning. Yesterday we had an assessment day to recruit some more amazing team members and I left my laptop here! So here I am at 6:15am on a Sunday morning.

We have an induction at the office this morning for SEVEN new starters! Feeling slightly crazy but we had some really great people that we didn't want to let slip through our fingers and the company is expanding rapidly. I'm really excited to skip forward a few months when we can all really get our teeth into the new projects because of the extra help.

We've only been in our office 4.5 months but already we seem to be quickly outgrowing it. It's a great problem to have.

I'll be going live on Facebook this evening at 8pm so if you follow this link you can get a reminder. I love reading your messages when I'm doing the live (lives are not exactly my favourite thing to do) as I feel like you can get the best out of me being on the air. One of the reasons that I do the lives is because we put so much thought into even what may seem like the minute details in our resources and unless you are shown what all the features are, they won't save you as much time as we intend. Today I'm going to be talking about and showing you some non-text guided reading resources.

Anyway, I best get on with setting up the new starters on our system. #excitingtimes

Love Claire and the team at Classroom Secrets.