Need GPS resources? We’re here to help

Need GPS resources? We’re here to help

By on Sep 17, 2019

We’re well known for our Maths resources but did you know we also do Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling? Read on to find out what’s available and how our resources will help your children learn and save you time.

What’s already available?

A Classroom Secrets subscription already includes complete coverage of all Grammar and Punctuation expectations included in the National Curriculum. These are divided into easy to follow long term plans divided into blocks and small steps for the whole of Key Stage 1 and 2. Each block has its own guidance on what is covered within that block and every step has a page of teacher guidance to aid planning and ensure cohesion. Alongside this guidance are full resources split into ‘varied fluency’ and ‘application and reasoning’ elements as well as a teaching PowerPoint for each of the steps.

For every term in each year group there is also an end of term assessment available in a SATs style layout. The yearly overview, guidance and first steps of each block are available for FREE while all subsequent small steps and resources are available as part of an ordinary paid subscription to Classroom Secrets.

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Why varied fluency, application and reasoning?

Following a sequence of varied fluency into application and reasoning allows for children to approach grammar through an REDM approach as is recommended by the UK Literacy Association:

Explicit teaching (varied fluency)
Discussion and experimentation (application and reasoning)
Making controlled writing choices (application in own writing)

The National Curriculum states that ‘explicit knowledge of grammar is very important’. With this in mind, we have created varied fluency tasks for each element of grammar included in the National Curriculum. Fluency in grammar requires a combination of knowing key grammatical concepts and terminology as well as being capable of delving deeper and knowing how to apply these concepts in a variety of ways. Knowledge of terminology is vital for pupils as ‘having a terminology to talk about language – a metalanguage – means that teachers and children have a shared vocabulary about how to get better at using language’ (UK Literary Association). The shared language, vocabulary and conceptual understanding is what allows learners to delve deeper into language, creating fluency through intelligent practice in order to ensure a thorough enough understanding that children can apply grammatical skills they have learned in other areas. For this reason, it is important that children are taught grammar and punctuation in a way which revisits and builds on concepts.

As the National Curriculum makes clear, ‘once pupils are familiar with a grammatical concept, they should be encouraged to explore this concept’. This exploration comes through reasoning and furthering understanding of each concept as well as applying each element in their own writing. By the end of each key stage, children are expected to ‘know, apply and understand’ each grammatical concept covered.

What’s new?

In addition to the guidance, blocks, varied fluency, and application and reasoning resources, we are now adding homework/extension questions for each small step in our GPS coverage. Every step will have one of these extensions which can be used however works best for you and your class.

What’s coming next?

This is where we’d like to hear your suggestions! Right now, we’re making homework and extensions for our GPS small steps, but what could we make to help reduce your workload even more? If you have any suggestions post a comment below or email us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you.

How do I get the resources?

Our GPS resources are available now for years 1-6:

Why should I download them?

All our GPS resources are planned and created by teachers, for teachers. Every resource is designed to help children learn and help teachers reduce their workloads.

All our resources provide:

  • Choice – with access to over 3,700 resources, there’s plenty of choice so you can decide what works best for the needs of your children
  • Quality – our resources are designed by teachers for teachers, ensuring they are extremely high-quality and can be used easily in the classroom
  • Balance – our resources will save you time and help you to improve your LIFE/work balance

How do I give feedback? 

Here at Classroom Secrets, we love to hear what you think! You can provide feedback by posting a comment below or emailing [email protected]

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