No resources, just a Christmassy update!

This post has been written by Claire Riley

It’s been a interesting week in the Riley household - we’ve all had the sickness bug. ???? We usually have a Christmas party at our house and we had to cancel it yesterday. Unfortunately, I still had to cook the food I’d planned because I’d taken the meat out of the freezer. ????‍♀️ We'll be eating curry and chilli for weeks!

We’re really looking forward to the magic of Christmas this year. It’s our first as a family of four and our eldest really ‘gets it’ for the first time. I’m off out to get some last minute bits today and catch up from being poorly yesterday so that tomorrow it really begins! It's a very exciting time that you can never get back so we are all in!

You’ll see that there are no resources below and that’s because it’s time to have a break! You can pick up where you left off after Christmas but for these next few days at least (hopefully until you go back) have a little rest.

The office is now closed so there'll be nobody responding to your emails or social media messages. We like to practise what we preach and Customer Service will return to work on Wednesday 2nd January 2019. Thanks in advance for your understanding that it's important for us to have a break too.

I hope you are doing lots of lovely, fun and relaxing things over the next week or two.

Merry Christmas from our families to yours!

Love Claire and the team at Classroom Secrets.