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Reading Skills – Rooftoppers – Chapter 3

Reading Skills - Rooftoppers - Chapter 3

Reading Skills - Rooftoppers - Chapter 3

Please note that we do not have reading skills resources for every chapter of this book. Every effort has been made to ensure a wide range of questions have been included in the chapters we have resourced, covering each content domain.

This Reading Skills resource contains a range of questions about chapter 3 from ‘Rooftoppers’ by Katherine Rundell. The questions are organised into content domains to allow a focus on one or more specific skills, and this resource also includes questions for more in-depth written answer practice.


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What's included in the pack?

This pack includes:
Reading Skills - Rooftoppers - Chapter 3
Reading comprehension questions organised by skill
Written answer practice questions

National Curriculum Objectives

English Year 5 & Year 6: Maintain positive attitudes to reading and understanding of what is read.
English Year 5 & Year 6​: Understand what they read by exploring the meaning of words in context; drawing inferences and justifying inferences with evidence; predicting what might happen from details stated and implied; summarising the main ideas drawn from more than one paragraph and identifying key details that support the main ideas; and identifying how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning.
English Year 5 & Year 6​: Evaluate how authors use language, including figurative language, considering the impact on the reader.

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