Same Word Different Meaning KS2 SPAG Test Practice

These questions have been taken from the KS2 SPAG test to help your children practise specific question types.

National Curriculum Objective
English Y1: Discussing word meanings, linking new meanings to those already known


Beginner Two sentences - 2 meanings of the word e.g. He won the race by only one second. Bob came second in the race behind Tom. Aimed at Year 1 Secure.

Easy Three sentences - 3 meanings of the word eg. He was in the top set for maths. The tennis player was one set from victory. I put the jelly in the fridge to set. Aimed at Year 1 Mastery.

Worksheets include answers.

Same Word Different Meaning - Beginner (Worksheet)

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Same Word Different Meaning - Easy (Worksheet)

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