Summer Sunset Non-Text Year 5 Guided Reading Pictures Comprehension

 Year 5 Guided Reading Pictures

Year 5 Guided Reading Pictures Resource

Year 5 Guided Reading Pictures Resource - Non-Text Guided Reading Comprehension in the form of an image showing a coastal village in Greece at dusk.

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What's included in the pack?

This pack includes:

  • A Summer Sunset Year 5 image, oral teacher questions with answers for guided reading sessions [each question is linked to the New National Curriculum (England)], follow-up work, vocabulary work using words related to the image​ and spelling, punctuation and grammar work related to the image with answers.
  • Interactive pupil version to use on any device with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

National Curriculum Objectives

Reading: English Year 5 & Year 6: Understand what they read by predicting what might happen from details stated and implied
SPAG: English Year 5 & Year 6: Indicate degrees of possibility using adverbs [for example, perhaps, surely] or modal verbs [for example, might, should, will, must].

Level of this Pack:

Age: 9-10
England: Year 5
Scotland: Primary 6
Wales: Year 5
Australia: Year 4/Grade 4

This resource is available to download with a Premium subscription.


  1. The modal verb questions on the Vocab 2 sheet have caused a few issues.

    With “Sam ‘must,might,would,may’ go to school.”, surely any of those are appropriate, depending on the context. There’s a few more on that page also with the same problem.

    On the next page, some of the synonyms also caused some discussion with a lot of the children wanting to link ‘cruel and malicious’ when the answer is apparently ‘cruel and nasty’.

    Would be better if the multiple choice options had a clear answer which wasn’t overly debatable as we’re unable to teach them process of elimination if more than one answer is plausible.


    January 29, 2020

    • Good Morning,
      Thank you for contacting us.
      I can confirm I have passed this on to our production team to look into further for you.
      If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected] and a member of the team will be happy to help.
      Sam – Customer Administrator @ Classroom Secrets

      Sam Mawson

      January 29, 2020

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