Tick the Adverb KS2 SATs GPS Test Practice

Tick the Adverb KS2

Tick the Adverb KS2 GPS SATs 2018 Questions

Tick the Adverb KS2 SATs Test Practice 2018 questions have been taken from the Sample KS2 Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling test to help your children practise using Adverbs.

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What's included in the pack?

This pack includes:

  • Tick the Adverb KS2 SATs Test Practice worksheets with answers.

National Curriculum Objectives

Year 3 English: (3G1.6) Express time, place and cause using adverbs [for example, then, next, soon, therefore]

Year 5 English: (5G1.6) Using adverbs to indicate degrees of possibility


Beginner Adverbs ending in –ly next to the verb in the sentence, e.g. He walked quickly to the park. Includes 3 options. Aimed at Year 3 Expected/Year 4 Developing.

Easy Adverbs including some ending in –ly. Includes 4 options. Aimed at Year 4 Greater Depth/Year 5 Expected.

Tricky Two adverbs, one ending in –ly and one that does not. Includes 5 options. Aimed at Year 6 Expected.

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