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Whole Class Guided Reading

Whole Class Guided Reading is a hot topic in teaching and for some a 'new thing' with thousands of teachers trying it and thousands more wondering where on Earth to start! We provide the extracts in a variety of genres, differentiated questions AND challenge activities so there's no need to worry! All of our resources have links to the 2014 Curriculum for England (and without for teachers elsewhere) to cover each area of reading - not just the interim framework to prepare for SATs tests but the whole curriculum.

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How is Classroom Secrets's Whole Class Guided Reading better?

We set out our Whole Class Guided Reading resources in a very special way which includes one version for the teacher and another for the students. The teacher version comes with colour coded questions littered throughout the text so you know when to pause the class and ask the questions, rather than trying to figure out if you've passed that bit or not. The colour coded questions indicate the difficulty of the questions (four levels - Emerging, Developing, Secure and Mastery) so that you can target students without them knowing as their text  has no questions.

The questions are then grouped by ability level to form levelled comprehension sheets and after this you'll find a challenge activity in four differentiated levels linked to a particular reading skill. We have over 150 Whole Class Guided Reading Resources on our website and a selection of these are free.

 Whole Class Guided Reading Example


Free Whole Class Guided Reading Samples

Below you will find links to our free Whole Class Guided Reading sample resources. We have provided one for each group that we create Whole Class Guided Reading Resources for. You do not need an account with us to download these free resources, but we do ask that you share this page with at least one teacher friend when you have downloaded them so that they can benefit too! We hope you enjoy trying them out with your class and we are always keen to hear how it went so don't forget to feed back on what you and your children thought on our Facebook page.

PDF Versions

Interactive Versions

*These are zip files and you may not be able to download on your phone or tablet device.*