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Year 1 Measure Mass IWB Weight and Volume Activity

Step 2: Year 1 Measure Mass IWB Length and Height Activity

This Year 1 Measure Mass IWB activity checks pupils' understanding of measuring mass using non-standard units such as cubes. Pupils will identify and compare the mass of objects, identify true or false statements, use given information to identify an incorrect sentence and identify which object could be used to balance a scale.

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National Curriculum Objectives

Mathematics Year 1: (1M1) Compare, describe and solve practical problems for: lengths and heights [for example, long/short, longer/shorter, tall/short, double/half] mass/weight [for example, heavy/light, heavier than, lighter than] capacity and volume [for example, full/empty, more than, less than, half, half full, quarter] Time [for example, quicker, slower, earlier, later]

Mathematics Year 1: (1M2) Measure and begin to record: lengths and heights mass/weight capacity and volume   time (hours, minutes, seconds)

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