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Volcanoes Poetry Comparison (Y5m/Y6s) Guided Reading Pack

Guided Reading Pack

This Guided Reading Pack is linked to volcanoes in the form of two poems: one about Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii and the other about feeling anger building up inside and erupting like a volcano.

National Curriculum Objectives (England)
Reading: English Y5/6: Summarising the main ideas drawn from more than 1 paragraph, identifying key details that support the main idea
SPAG: English Y3/4: Terminology for pupils: Determiner
Other: Geography KS2: Physical geography, including: climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts, rivers, mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes, and the water cycle

Level of this Pack:
Old National Curriculum (England): 5
New National Curriculum (England): Year 5 Mastery/Year 6 Secure
Book Band: Black
PM Benchmark Level: Free Reading
Reading Recovery Level: Free Reading
Reading Age: 11+

The pack includes:
Oral teacher questions with answers for guided reading sessions. Each question is linked to the New National Curriculum (England).
Follow-up work with answers.
Spelling, punctuation and grammar work related to the text with answers.
Vocabulary work related to words in the story.

Volcanoes Poetry Comparison (Y5m/Y6s) - Complete Pack

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