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KS1 Christmas Symbol Sudoku

KS1 Christmas Symbol Sudoku

KS1 Christmas Symbol Sudoku Activity

This fun KS1 Christmas Symbol Sudoku Activity has been designed with Christmas symbols for pupils to complete during the festive period.

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What's included in the pack?

This pack includes:

  • KS1 Christmas Symbol Sudoku Activity worksheets, teacher information and answers.

National Curriculum Objectives

Mathematics Year 1: (1N2a) Count, read and write numbers to 100 in numerals

Mathematics Year 2: (2N6) Use place value and number facts to solve problems

Mathematics Year 2: (2P1) Order and arrange combinations of mathematical objects in patterns and sequences

About this Resource

This resource has been designed for pupils to complete at Christmas time. It contains two different sudoku puzzles that use Christmas images instead of numbers.

This resource has been differentiated two ways for the teacher to select the most suitable level for the pupils in the class.

The first activity is for the children to complete by noticing patterns and problem solving through trial and error.

The second activity is a ‘create your own’ which will challenge the pupils to work backwards to problem solve.

We recommend self or peer marking using the answer page provided to promote discussion and self-correction.

This resource is available to download with a Premium subscription.