The sequence of progression for our French scheme of work has been carefully planned and considered in order for the lessons to introduce the vocabulary needed to complete topics and to link into future topics. The design also allows flexibility so that teachers may choose their own order of units to fit in with their teaching. Here is an example of unit 4 My Home for Key Stage 2.

Years 1 to 6

French Display

This French Display Pack includes a range of printable resources consisting of key French vocabulary that can be used on displays or working walls to support teaching and learning.

Year 3

Unit 4 French My Home Lesson

The lesson includes a video tutorial which teaches children the information they need to complete the following activities.

Year 4

Unit 4 French My Home Lesson

This My Home lesson is part of the French Home unit.

Key Stage 2

KS2 French Scheme of Work

This scheme of work for KS2 French accompany resources that are designed to help support the delivery of the statutory modern foreign languages curriculum.

Year 5

Unit 4 French Homes and Streets

This Homes and Streets lesson is part of the French Home unit.

Year 6

Unit 4 French Homes Lesson

This French Houses lesson is part of the French Home unit.